The Socks

Welcome to, the revolutionary, simple and drug free way to feel better and perform better almost instantly.  Though in appearance they may look like any other sock, incorporated in each is a patented technology to help you reduce pain without drugs, increase in energy, build muscle,  improve mobility and stability, and increase your range of motion.

Generations of homeopathic specialists know that there are touch points in the feet that affect the entire body.  Voxx socks, with many years and millions of dollars in research, have  patented a method of stimulating those touch points to bless your health and functioning in a marvelous, drug-free way.

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The Science

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  (Arthur C. Clarke)

Performance Technology (HPT) is based on 45 years of research in Neuromuscular Science.  By incorporating touch points with activation points in the feet, the users of the socks experience increased overall muscular strength, balance, flexibility and stamina.

The socks have been  clinically tested and proven in independent testing and validation at ...

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And You

Calling all those with feet, back or leg pain!   Athletes and golfers who want to perform better and increase their range of motion!  Nurses, doctors, waitresses and anyone who works on their feet all day.  Baby Boomers and aging seniors with age-related aches and pains!

Wearing the socks provides soothing comfort, energy, stability  and increased mobility without drugs! Most people feel the difference within a few moments or hours.

Voxx socks are worn by professional athletes, the US Navy Seals and people just like you to improve their health, strength, stability, mobility and vitality -- all day and every day.  Without drugs.


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Hello, Meridian Sisters and Brothers!

You already know me:  I'm Carolyn Allen.  I have been a regular columnist  for Meridian Magazine since 2007, sharing both healthy living ideas and our marvelous herbal detox since 2008.  Now we add an exciting, and equally helpful product:  a simple pair of socks with built in technology that relieves pain, enhances athletic performance and improves life simply by improving how you feel!

We didn't believe it either -- until we watched the videos and had to order a pair just to see if it was all for real.

Imagine our surprise when within a few hours after putting them on, the pain associated with a scheduled hernia repair was incredibly lessened!

It was the same with our herbal detox.  When we experienced such important results personally, it's selfish not to pass the word along.