This  FAQ Page is For New Associates. Welcome!  I hope we can talk in person ASAP!
Whether you joined for the discount and/or to build a business, this FAQ page will help!
You should have received an email with your Associate ID. This is critical for log-in.  If not, check your Spam folder.
I will also have your ID, and you can email me for it, but YOU are the only one that knows your Password 🙂

1.  How to log Into your back office
2.  How to order socks  (Please note: You must complete and pay for associate registration before you can login and place your first order.  It seems like you should be able to register AND place a first order at the same time, but it doesn’t work like that.)
3.  What are the bronze, silver and gold package with freebie socks?
4.  How to contact the Voxx Life office:  Unless it’s related to orders, please contact Everett or me first :0)
5.  How to get help from Carolyn Allen or our upline, Everett Davey
6.  Videos To Learn From and Share
7.  How to order business cards, additional brochures, etc.
8.  How To Understand the Compensation Plan (Includes a Video)
9.  Associate Phone Call Summaries.  Listed in your back office, and also summarized below!

WEEKLY 30-Minute CONFERENCE CALLS:  Usually on Wednesday Nights at 8:30 PM EST

1.  Big meeting in Canada this Saturday, June 24, 2017.
Other locations will be selected soon.  Everett, our upline, tells us that this meeting, with the training and info from the Medical Advisory Board will be video taped and that we will have access to these at some point.

2.  Printed Info: More printed material and company brochures are in the back office. They are continuing to clean-up and load these.  If you see any typos or things overlooked in the brochures/info,

3. Sock of the Month Club:  Is a 4-month commitment because of the low-price on this ($44.00 for 2 pairs of socks.)  You can learn more about the Sock of the Month Club in your back office.  Ordering 2 of these will take care of your “personal value” require

4.  Inventory: Liner Crew Socks are now in and available in the back office.
MANY SOCKS are on their way in next week to replenish availalble stocks.
VOXX LIFE has some pretty smart people watching trends and purchasing patterns to minimize out-of-stock socks.  Even the giant industries have the callenge of forecasting and watching data.

5. Practioner Program: Tremendous response! This info is in your back office.  Please note you DO need to be approved as a licensed health practioner. If you do want to do that, send a note to to process the needed credentials.  A pretty tremendous response.  More testimonials from them are on their way.   Please note: We’re still a new company and working on acquiring this info.

6.  Fundraiser Program:  This info is no in your back office as well. Feedback is good.  Still working through quesitons, but you can send your questions through a support ticket.

7.  Company Perspective:  The most important thing is for your people to come in as a CUSTOMER, sincerely trying to help them. THEN to help them join as an associate.  PRODUCT FIRST, helping with personal and health needs.

8.  Videos:  More are coming, professional and incredible!

9.  Qualification for the Month of June:  If you have joined in order to build a downline, In order to qualify for commissions, you MUST have purchased $100 either PERSONALLY, or from someone who has purchased from your replicated webshop.  A $200 order can be averaged over 2 months.  If you joined simply to get the wholesale price, then this is of no concern.   You can always get the wholesale price without any autoship or monthly qualifications.
You can see what your personal volume (PV) is in your back office.

10. Drawing for Freebie Socks and June Trip Winners Was Held