Meet Delores V., of Connecticut
(As Told To Carolyn Allen, Meridian Columnist)

In the winter of 2014, I went out in the early, dark morning to pick up the newspaper.  I slipped on an icy patch and some frozen leaves.  Down I went.  It was a terrible break with bones and blood everywhere.  Thank goodness for a young neighbor who was leaving for work.  Her headlights picked me up, lying helpless on the ground.  I had broken my ankle in three places.  It was very painful, but slowly healed.   I was given a cane and a surgical brace to help me walk again.  Although the doctors have wanted all along to do extensive reconstructive surgery on it, I’m just too old and haven’t felt it was right for me.  I’ve lived with the cane, the brace and the associated pain and inconvenience ever since.Over Memorial Day weekend, several members of the family gathered in Pennsylvania at my brother Richard’s home.  Over the weekend, he got out these power socks that he’s been sharing with lots of people.  He demonstrated them on our nephew who has had a series of strokes that have left him quite disabled, and we were amazed at his instant increased range of motion!  And then, when he put them on me, it was even more amazing.  But I have to say, I was very dubious.  It seemed crazy.

big smile

If this weren’t my story, I probably would not believe it.  But it is my story and I am so excited to share it.  We took my brace off to put the socks on.  Then, I started to walk, and found that I could walk unaided!  Clear across the room!  I was walking everywhere all weekend and feeling just great!  In fact, when it was time to go home, I actually LEFT the brace behind. It’s not a problem, however, because I truly haven’t needed either the cane or the brace since, and I don’t think I will!  It’s been three weeks, and I’m getting around everywhere. Just feeling so fantastic.  When I go to the grocery store, and can move so freely, I feel like I’m ballroom dancing down the aisles. I can’t say enough about these socks.  They’ve changed my life.  There is no need for surgery, and I’m just so incredibly grateful.  It’s like the Lord has laid his healing hands on me!”