After placing the first order, your next order will be much easier.  Follow these instructions and you’re on your way.

1.  Log into your back office
2.  Along the top you will see the different tabs.
3.  Go all the way over to the shopping cart, second from the end
4.  Click on that and it will open up the store.
5.  They have presented them several ways, and you’ll have to poke around a bit to find what you want.
6.  IMPORTANT: Choose the style first, then you’ll be able to select the SIZE and COLOR

EXAMPLE if you’re looking for white crew socks, just click on the CREW socks picture — whether it’s orange, blue, black or whatever
and then you’ll be able to select the color and size.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING:  It’s a flat $4.00 per order, plus $1.00 for each pair of socks.
TAXES:  Are high with them being from Canada.

We figure that for every pair of socks we order, by the time we pay for shipping/handling/taxes,
it’s an average of $2 to $3 extra per pair of socks.  Expensive, but worth it!

FREEBIES:  Keep an eye on your subtotal!

When you reach $200, you get 1 pair of free socks (BRONZE)
When you reach $400, you get 2 pairs of free socks (SILVER)
When you reach $600, you get 9 pairs of free socks (GOLD)

Your cart will show exactly what you’ve ordered and allow you to edit and reflect
the change in prices.

As I say, once you’ve done it a time or two, it’s not difficult.

Usually about a week.