We offer only the basic socks as an easy way for you to try this product with discount shipping.  More sizes, styles and colors, along with a product discount are available at our official voxxlife webshops. You may  want to join and share those discounts with family and friends.  You may even want to take this on as an opportunity for additional income.  Good news!  The wonderful Voxx Life people are on their A-game with answers for all of us.

 Join as a CUSTOMER (for free) for more sizes and styles. 
Join as an ASSOCIATE (for an annual fee of $40 and no autoship)  to receive wholesale prices.  If you are interested, as an associate you may want to share your membership with family and friends and/or enjoy the business opportunity.  SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS. 

Please Note:  We have partnered with Meridian Magazine in sharing the socks through the Voxx Life Company in Ontario Canada.  We joined first then Meridian joined underneath us.  Maurine and Scot Proctor are fully on board with the product and how the Voxx Life Company is organized, and we are proceeding with their blessing. 

If you learned about the socks through Carolyn Allen and My Miracle Tea, go to
www.Voxxlife.com/Mymiracletea , next
Click on "Associate Registration" on the top navigation bar on the far right and follow the instructions. 
Use Sponsor ID 7815127  

If you learned about the socks through the Meridian Magazine then you are one of their customers and should shop/join at Voxxlife.com/Meridian

Use Sponsor ID 7021956

 But no worries ... all Meridian Magazine friends are still My Miracle Tea customers and team members and will communicate directly with Carolyn and her upline.

Scroll down for details on joining as a customer (free) or as an associate member ($40 annually.)

 Is this an MLM or network marketing company?  Yes ... and NO!   It's more like an annual Costco Club Membership that allows you to shop as needed for discounts, with nothing but an annual fee.  NO AUTOSHIPS.  If you DO want the business opportunity, that's available too, but without the Ra-Ra, pressure, claims and hype associated with most MLMs.  The cost is $40 charged annually and comes with a pair of socks :0)  

1.  Join As A Customer! (FREE)
Purchase from all the styles, sizes and colors!  Click HERE for  brief description of the different types of socks  to make your selection easier.  You will need to register and shipping handling fees apply ($4.00 per order and $1 for each pair of socks ordered. ) Orders are shipped from Canada and arrive in the US about 4-5 business days after placing an order.

Friends of Meridian:  Please shop at www.Voxxlife.com/Meridian
Friends of My Miracle Tea/Carolyn Allen:  Please shop at www.Voxxlife.com/MyMiracleTea

2.  Or Join As An Associate Member( $40 Annual Fee) For Personal Discounts and/or Business Opportunity
(Click HERE to learn about Business Opportunity Compensation Plan. 

www.voxxlife.com/Meridian and USE SPONSOR  ID 7011956

www.voxxlife.com/MyMiracleTea and USE SPONSOR ID 7815127

1.  An annual fee of $40 will allow you to shop at your own store and receive the following discounts:

$30 Socks Will Be $22.50
$40 Socks Will be $30.00
$45 Socks Will Be $33.75

2.  You will receive a "New Member Kit" with a free pair of socks (Usually black or blew Medium crew or mini-crew) and beautifully printed literature about about the socks and the company.

3.  Optional: At the time of sign-up You will be able to buy a "Launch Kit" including socks of various sizes, styles and colors to use yourself, share or sell.  ​You do not need to do this, but it will only be offered at the time of sign up.  Launch kit is $200 and includes 8 pairs of socks of assorted sizes and styles, and 3 pairs of the insoles.  This is pre-packaged and you do not get to choose what is in the box.  We gave some away, used some for demonstration, and sold some.  It's a good deal.

4.  Be prepared to enter the name of your store.  Most people choose their own name, but you can be as creative as you want!  

5.  Within a few minutes after sign-up, your store will be ready and you can shop there.  

Your store will be www.VoxxLife.com/YOURSTORENAME

Enter your username and password, and you can shop there and immediately see the discounts.  Once again, THERE IS NO AUTOSHIP or monthly fee/requirement.

Now that you are registered as an associate, you can share the socks and earn a commission!
This is strictly optional, and you are under no obligation to do so.​


​We have a dynamic, fun and low-key upline that is great to work with and extremely supportive! Click HERE to learn about the compensation plan and them!