Meet Judy S. of Northern California (June 2017)
(As told to Carolyn Allen of Meridian Magazine)
“A friend who knows the pain I live with gave me these socks and I couldn’t be more thrilled! God bless you, Nina.


You see, my body simply doesn’t tolerate pain meds.  And believe me, numerous knee surgeries and feet problems including plantar fasciitis, have left me in crippling pain for many years.  Over the past couple of years the most distressing pain has been terrible, frequent and sharp pain in the backs of my calves and feet.  The doctors have no explanation for it, other than it may be a side result of the surgeries. The only thing that seemed to help my legs was to have my husband use a rolling pin to try and massage them.  Sometimes I’d even wake him up (he’s 87) in the middle of the night to do this, the pain was so unbearable.

A bone in my heel that was growing in a strange way has been another big problem the past couple of years.  The doctor recommended physical therapy (very expensive), an awkward brace (didn’t work) and we were quickly headed towards surgery if things didn’t improve over the next several months.[/one_half_last]

At this point, I was happy to try anything, so when my friend Nina gave these power socks to me, I gladly put them on.  And
now I can’t stop talking!  In a very short time, so very much of this pain was simply …. GONE!  I began sleeping at night, which is a blessing in and of itself. To wake up refreshed and ready to face the day makes a HUGE difference on how one feels and your attitude for the day!

My energy began to increase as the pain continued to decrease.  When I heard some country music on the radio and started moving to the beat, I knew that something miraculous had happened.

The other day, I took them off to wash and thought I’d be OK for the night without them.  WRONG.  I woke up at 2:00 a.m. in the same old pain. I got up and put on the socks.  I was able to quickly go back to sleep and when I woke up to use the bathroom an hour later, the pain was absolutely gone.  I know it’s science, but it feels like magic to me.  In the end, if your pain free — you don’t have to understand how the clock was made to tell the time, and who cares how the clock was made. Except that it’s fabulous and so affordable.

I just can’t put into words how GREAT it is to live without constant pain.  My daughter had given me a “Zumba” DVD and the other day I put that on and started exercising, and I did, indeed, sign up for a line dancing class!

Have I looked for drug-free relief before? Oh, YES!  I’ve spent many an hour surfing the internet for some sort of drug-free pain relief for my problems.  There are a great many blogs out there on people suffering as I have, who go to doctor after a doctor.  Sadly, doctors don’t really have much of an answer other than more medicine. It’s so important that everyone learn about these socks!

My husband asked me the other day where the rolling pin we used in the middle of the night had gone.  I told him I no longer needed it for that and from now on, it’s just for pies!  He’s 87 and needs my TLC to keep him busy and healthy.  We have six grandchildren that we enjoy and support. We laugh a lot and have a great deal of fun … and now I have the energy and health to enjoy it all!

Where do I begin to thank the people who made these socks????   I’m just so incredibly grateful.  Thank you!”