The Power Socks come from a fairly new company in Canada called “Voxx Life”.  We are getting well-acquainted with them and like them a lot!  The socks, with their special healing/therapeutic properties, are not free, and we want to help you get them at the best price as easily and quickly as possible.

You can order the basic black and white liners, crew socks and knee socks direct from us with only $2 shipping. This will not change and be part of our business for
the indefinite future.

However, there are many more styles and extra-large sizes through the company.  Their prices are the same as ours.  Shipping is $10 for 1-5 pairs of socks.  If you want, you can join as an associate and get discounts on all socks! Scroll down for that info.

REGISTER AS A CUSTOMER for FREE for More Styles and Colors!
Friends of Meridian:
Go to and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the far right corner.
Friends of My Miracle Tea: Go to and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Want to save money on all your orders? Or perhaps share the socks with others?

SAVE MONEY! Join as an ASSOCIATE!  You will pay an annual  fee of $40, which includes  one pair of socks, plus discounts on all purchases.  There is no monthly requirement.  Think of this like a Costco membership!  Buy as needed, no strings attached.

If you are interested in sharing the product with others, you will receive a small commission for orders that come through the link/store that will be provided for you immediately.  The company is growing quickly, and we will see how it all proceeds!  Scot and Maurine Proctor at Meridian Magazine are happy to have us lead out with Meridian readers with this company.  And of course, My Miracle Tea friends are part of our family :0)

Here’s How: (Use “Chrome” as your browser!)

1.  Friends of Meridian please go to
Friends of My Miracle Tea please go to 
2.  Click on Opportunity or Company on the top bar
4.   FRIENDS OF MERIDIAN Enter 7021956 as your Sponsor ID
5.   Confirm your sponsor.
Continue with your registration and shopping!

If you have any problems, please call Carolyn at 800-832-0234