We offer just a small selection in black and white to get you started.     There are more available (and extra large sizes) when you go to the Voxx life official company webstore.  Here are easy descriptions of all the socks to make shopping easier there.You are always welcome to shop here, but feel free to look around and shop.  

1 - No shows - (Available only at the company webstore.)  The no shows come up just below the ankle. They are typically worn at the gym, and by golfers and tennis players, and they provide compression in the arch for more support. Along with the tech that immediately gives you greater strength, balance, stability, posture and subsequently pain relief, greater endurance, recovery and more.

2 - Mini crews - (Only available at the company store in several colors).  These socks come up just over the ankle. They tend to be worn by the same individuals as above with all the same features.

3 - Crew socks - (Available here in black and white only.  More colors available at the company store.)
the crews come half way up the calf. They are popular with young athletes, like basket ball, and hockey players, in a word kids think they are cool. These socks offer all the features of the above socks with the additional feature of some compression support for the Achilles tendon.

4 - Knee high socks - (Only black available here.  Other colors available at the company store.)  Again you will find all the technology found in the previous socks with the addition of further compression as the sock approaches the knee. Athletes like them because they keep the muscles warm and they feel it helps the blood flow. Others find these socks help in reducing swelling and are often used when flying.
IMPORTANT:  These socks are not at the level of medical compression.

5 - Wellness socks - (Only available at the company store.) These amazing socks are 70% cotton, 25% polyester, 3% spandex, and 2% nylon. There is no elastic, or ridges to press on the foot or lower leg, they are diabetic approved and with a double sole they are extremely comfortable.

6 - Liner socks - (Our most popular seller and available here.)  These socks have the human performance tech found in all the Voxx sock products. They are a thin sock made to be worn under other socks such as uniform socks. There is no compression, and they come as a mini crew and a knee high. Some people wear the knee highs as a dress sock.