What Folks Are Saying About the Amazing New Voxx Power Socks!

From aches and pains, to plantar fasciitis and headaches ... the socks work wonders!

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I have a vein disease that makes my legs feel tired and heavy, this is a clear indication that the return flow of blood from the legs to the heart is impaired. Desk work, prolonged sitting or standing can produce swollen ankles, tingling, numbness, burning or cramping.

One day before being introduced to the Voxx sock, I had purchased a pair of graduated compression hosiery for improved circulation. I was wearing them at the time I put on the Voxx socks. My legs were still a bit sensitive at the top of my legs, I thought what have I got to lose by trying them on. When I put my feet to the ground to stand up, to my amazement, I felt instant relief, a sense of well-being and lightness from the bottom of my feet through my whole body. I took a step, then another step, and said to myself, what just happened, no more pain, impossible. I wanted to wear these the rest of the day, just to make sure, this is real.

I bought the socks and have no regrets. I wear in the morning, noon, wash at night, then again all day.

Deborah M.

I received a pair as a Christmas gift and have been wearing the Voxxsols for almost a month with great results. I don’t really understand the science behind them but my plantar fasciitis pain is gone. I’ve tried custom orthotics, the drug store insoles, and even massage therapy and these Voxxsols worked better.

Paul P.

For the past two weeks I have had a lot of pain in my left hip.  I've been dealing with shooting pain from my hip to my upper back and neck areas at the most inconvenient times and finding it difficult to sleep, and work.  (I am a construction worker.)

When I heard about the socks from an old friend I got a pair.  Although I had an appointment with my chiropractor, I thought "What can it hurt?"  

I wore them all day Saturday and the reduction of pain was quite noticeable.  I took them off for the night and it was very difficult for me to sleep.  I wore them again on Sunday and the pain reduction was so dramatic that I wore them to bed that night!

I had a great night's sleep with NO PAIN!  I still knew I needed the adjustment at my chiropractor, but just to be able to walk and sleep without that aggravating pain and discomfort was absolutely amazing.  I am a Voxx power socks believer and will promote this product to all I know!

Ken Smith